Patients can only recover post-medical treatment if they were well cared for. Our patient care services in kalyan come with a patient attendant who are well qualified and supports the individual post-surgery and helps them in speedy recovery. The attendant will take care of the patient round the clock and help them with all kinds of needs such as bathing, cleaning, feeding if the movement is restricted to the patient because of some medical condition. Further, they will look for the medication of the patient so that they can take medicine on time.

If you need a patient attendant at your location, home, then we are proud to inform you that Karmabhumi has taken the initiative to provide the best and professional quality nursing care services at your home. Before hiring our professionals for nursing care, here are few details which you need to know prior to availing the patient care services in kalyan.

What is Patient Care Services?

Patient care services or you can say patient care attendant service is basically, a care giving job for the patient who are unable to take care of themselves. The responsibility of the patient attendant which we provide is to take care of the elderly, patient, someone with a medical condition, non-movement as well as a chronically sick patient. Our patient attendants are very trained and well-mannered caregivers that are certified and have passed out training programs meant to boost the skills of handling patient.

There are different types of the role involved for nurses of patient care services. They have to work on the roles of nursing assistants, nurse’s aides, home care aides, elder care aides, etc.

Job Responsibility of Nurses of Patient Care Services:

There are various job responsibility which are covered under patient care services. From day to day life chores to giving medical assistance, all things need to be given by nurses belonging to the services of patient care taker in kalyan. Some common job responsibilities of patient attendant which you need to know about:

  • Taking important vital signs, and maintain the record of the same for doctors use.
  • Assist in the movement of patients from one place to another either in home care or hospitals.
  • Support the patient with their daily life chores such as bathing, cleaning, and dressing.
  • If the patient is unable to walk, it’s the job of the attendant to assist them with walking and standing.
  • Patient attendants have to be compassionated about the condition of the patient and understand their requirements and communicate with them.
  • Feeding the patient is also the responsibility of nurses of patient care services.

How can Karmabhumi help?

Karmabhumi is the most professional agency that provides home care, health care, patient care services to the residents of Kalyan. Our professional nurses are carrying lots of experience. Most of the elders prefer to stay at home rather than any old age house. We can help patients who are suffering illness and not able to move away from home. Most of the patient attendants can give home care services, where we will look after the patient in the surrounding of their own home. Elder patients need special care, and we understand that hence we only provide friendly and compassionate nurses to take care of patient.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Caretaker” vs “Caregiver” I think that "caretaker" is more appropriate for someone who takes care of things or inanimate property; whereas "caregiver" would be someone who takes care of a person. I'm just amused at how the opposite roots of "give" and "take" are used to mean the same thing.

  • : a person who takes care of buildings or land while the owner is not there. chiefly US : a person who gives physical or emotional care to someone (such as a child, an old person, or someone who is sick)

  • Elderly caretakers help older individuals who need assistance. They can help their patients get dressed, eat, bathe and complete light housekeeping duties, such as dishes or folding laundry. Caretakers plan, prepare and monitor meals.