Most of the individuals who are office going but at the same time have to take care of someone in-home, but due to tight schedule are unable to do so. Then our Caretaker Services in Kalyan will be of a lot of help. Our caretaker's services can be availed by new mothers, patients, elders, or people who are facing medical conditions.

Caretaker Services or the patient care service can be called in any of the two. Caretaker services are often required by the individual post surgery or in old age. After every medical procedure, the patient needs extra support with their daily activities, same is the case with people who are in old age and need help from others. Karmabhumi is the provider of caretaker services in Kalyan where we provide professional attendants, nurses, and complete support at home.

We facilitate trained attendants who know their job of providing reliable assistance while the patient is in recovering stage. In the surroundings to the house, patients and old age people tend to live more comfortably, and with the best support staff at your disposal. Most of the working class are not completely able to take care of their old parent, grandparents on their own, because of the tight schedule, at those moment taking the caretaker services is the best option one can avail. With accessibility to world-class nurses and trained attendant, you can relax that the patient and the old age people are well taken care of by someone whom you can trust.

Karmabhumi Caretaker Services

In case you need extended help from professionals after the treatment of your loved ones, which can take care of the patient in your home, then Karmabhumi has the solution to all. We are going to be the best choice you can make while selecting the best nursing bureau in kalyan. We are a professional agency, with committed staff having handsome experience of taking care of patient and old age people. Our exceptional care services cover all the assistance needed by the patient during the time of recovery at home. The service includes taking care of patients by giving them assistance while moving, eating, cleaning, and bathing. With compassionate attendant, our caregivers manage patient need 24/7.

Some Activities Involved in Caretaker Services are:

  • Helping in the movement of patient
  • Bathing, grooming, and dressing
  • Littering and excretory needs
  • Regular exercise helps
  • Support while eating
  • Administering Medicine
  • Status reporting to family and doctor

Why choose Karmabhumi?

We are concerned for the client well being and safety, and our staffs carry a good experience in dealing with patients when they need them the most. Understanding every need of patients and work in a manner to assist them in quick recovery, our nursing bureau in kalyan is standing apart in delivering great service. The level of physical comfort plays a big role in the recovery of the patient. Our nurses know every bit of need in giving care to the patient post treatment. Our services are going to give a huge impact on the speedy recovery of the patient.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Caretaker” vs “Caregiver” I think that "caretaker" is more appropriate for someone who takes care of things or inanimate property; whereas "caregiver" would be someone who takes care of a person. I'm just amused at how the opposite roots of "give" and "take" are used to mean the same thing.

  • : a person who takes care of buildings or land while the owner is not there. chiefly US : a person who gives physical or emotional care to someone (such as a child, an old person, or someone who is sick)

  • Elderly caretakers help older individuals who need assistance. They can help their patients get dressed, eat, bathe and complete light housekeeping duties, such as dishes or folding laundry. Caretakers plan, prepare and monitor meals.