Winter is among the most liked seasons in India, those who were a lot in trouble because of scorching heat are now desiring for cold temperature. Young people mostly enjoy the winter season, because it comes with lots of holidays. Several festivals fall during winter breaks. But as an old age people or senior citizen, winter is not much of charm for you. Elder needs to equip themselves with proper winter clothes and eatery to have a healthy life in winter days. In winter season the number of health-related problems increases drastically for elderly people. However with proper elderly care services in Kalyan from Karambhumi can make you get through the season unaffected. Further, we are listing.

Self Care Tips For Senior They Need To Follow In Winter Season

Mostly Keep Your Body Warm

Most common health ailment raised during winter season is hypothermia, where the body temperature suddenly drops substantially. Senior people are more prone to develop hypothermia because in old age body is not capable to withstand cold temperature for long periods. Make sure that all the members in your family, especially senior citizens stay indoors when the temperature is very low. Try to keep the environment of the house a bit warm. Senior citizens must use heating blanket or blowers when they are going to sleep at night in the winter season.

Stay a bit active in winter

We all know that cool temperature during winter season makes a person more lethargy. But try not to make it an excuse if you are in old age because it is very important for old people to stay a bit active during winter season. Try to engage yourself in day to day activities, while staying indoors all the time don’t restrict your movement, have a simple walk in the corridors of your house. Do some kind of light exercise because it makes your body warm, and regulates the flow of blood, and increases your heart rate. At our old age care centre in Kalyan we make senior citizens participate in a few physical exercises.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

In winter it is natural not to feel thirsty, but try to take an abundant amount of water. Don’t drink chill water, drink lukewarm water to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking too much can increase the problem of frequently visiting the washroom, hence keep a check on your water drinking, try to take a sip of water every hour. In the facility for caretaker for elderly in kalyan, we maintain healthy routine habits for our patients and elder people.

Take Care of your skin

During winter season the cold and dry can harm your skin by making the dry and itchy. Cold temperature often leads to the fading of natural oils from the skin. Further sweating also decreases during winter making toxics to stay in. Karambhumi is caretakers for elderly in Kalyan which suggests drinking adequate water to keep the skin hydrated and participate in physical exercise that can help in sweating further flushing out all the toxins from the body.