Here are the best tips for keeping seniors safe during omicron surge like reduce your risk of illness, mask up well and keep yourself confined.

Keeping the elderly and other vulnerable people safe from social ills is very important as Omicron spreads. Common sources of stress for everyone during epidemics include a decrease in meaningful activities, motivation, and social participation. All of these stress points are developed in adults.

Reduce your risk of illness

As an adult, you are at risk of serious illness or side effects from COVID-19.

Omicron public transfers continue in many places throughout India, and various worries are circulating. This is why it is so important to consistently use multiple prevention methods at once, even if you are vaccinated. Our old age care centre in Kalyan helps seniors with health problems.

Mask up well

As Omicron spreads easily, some health experts advise you to stop wearing a fabric mask and instead wear a three-strap surgical mask. These disposable masks are available at drug stores, grocery stores and stores, and online. If you choose to wear a fabric mask, make sure it is at least two layers but try adding a third layer and even a filter (or drop mask) for extra protection.

Upgrade to a higher level of protection using the N95 mask or the KN95 mask, especially if you are going to spend time in a crowded place. Our senior citizen care services in kalyan provide high quality masks to all the seniors.

Keep yourself confined & healthy

To support your health and well-being, Victoria adults are encouraged to continue:

  • monitor current health conditions and seek medical help if needed
  • keep important health appointments organized
  • take the medicine that your doctor prescribes
  • take care of your mental health
  • keep working
  • stay connected with family and friends using technology
  • seek help if you feel anxious, or insecure.


People who are seriously ill with Omicron must take precautionary measures and follow the advice of health professionals.



Be a good neighbor, check out the adults

If you know an older person in your area whose risk may be exacerbated by health conditions, call him or her to see if he or she needs anything when you go to the store. All staffs of our senior citizen care taker in Kalyan keep a check on elders living near them.

Omicron is highly contagious, spreading to an estimated 2.5 people from a single infected person, meaning that a single trip to meet the needs of multiple households can significantly reduce the risk of exposure. Giving the purchase to an elderly neighbor will not only protect them but also reduce the chances of spreading the virus.

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