Home care nurses are known to provide in-house/home health care services for patients and old age people. Sometimes a home care nurse needs to work under the supervision of a physician, and need to coordinate and manage the patient as prescribed by the doctor. The duty of home care nurses are somehow similar to normal nurses. Like other nurses, home care nurses need to work on the instruction of the doctor while taking care of the patient. Some people have the misconception that nurses only assist the doctor in their work, but the truth is that once the doctor operates the patient it’s the duty of the nurse to maintain the health report and act positively in the recovery of the patient. If you are looking for a professional nurse to take care of your loved one, Karmabhumi is best for Aaji Care Kalyan.

Responsibilities of Home Care Nurse

If the patient is still in recovery mode but has been discharged from the hospital or clinics, they need extra support. Home care nurses provide essential aftercare for the patient. The duty of the nurse is to help the patient with their daily tasks, and activities. The positive role of a nurse is to care for the patient and facilitate them with optimal wellness. Sometimes nurses are also been hired as a Caretaker For Baby in Kalyan, so you need to realize the responsibilities and duties you need to perform. So check

The basic responsibilities of Home Care Nurses are

Talk To Patients.

In the hospital, several people come every day from every part of the city or village. They need some basic consultation before getting attended by the doctor, it is the role of the nurse to make them aware of the hospital rules and guidelines. Whereas, home care nurses need to perform the same communication duty with the patient staying at home. If you have been hired for Newborn Baby And Mother Care At Kalyan then it becomes your responsibility to make the mother understand the way of caring and aiding baby.

Safely take care of the patient

Patient who are still recovering from surgery or any other medical reasons need proper care. Since they are more prone to develop allergies or some other health problems. It’s the duty of the nurse to give and ask for correct therapy and treatment. Nurses which are employed for Post Surgical Care Services in Mumbai need to help the patient with medicines, therapy, and treatment. And at the same time need to be cautious that they are not developing any other health issues.

Duties of Home Care Nurse in Brief:

  • Travel to the patient home and manage all their daycare plans as per the advice and instruction of the doctor.
  • Administer patient medication, blood pressure, glucose, and insulin.
  • If you are doing Patient Care Taker in Kalyan then you need to inspect the patient wound, change the dressing whenever required. If the patient is not able to move easily, the nurse also handles personal grooming and hygiene.
  • Help the patient with some physical activities, to bring back the strength of muscles post-surgery. They need to do the cleaning of the patient to make them safe from bed sores or any other infection.
  • Listen to the concerns of the patient and their family member, and clear out the queries related to medical information.
  • Make the patient aware of the guideline and health practices to follow post-treatment, they also need to convey the same to the patient family.
  • Act as the channel between the patient and the doctor, and help the doctor with the patient development after treatment
  • Monitor the recovery of the patient and file a report back to the physician or doctor in charge.