Undoubtedly pregnancy comes with some serious tasks, from prenatal care to postnatal care. In fact, it can be differentiated into three parts prenatal care, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy care services. Most of the family member and the mother herself takes care of them more during pregnancy and prenatal, but postnatal care is also very important. Moreover, it requires too much care of the mother as well as the newborn baby. Importantly even the WHO says that after birth the baby needs to stay in critical care until 24 hours and even mother should be rested in the same period. At Karambhumi we offer several services in Kalyan such as


Every newborn baby needs special care, and professionals can help the mother in doing so if you are having your first pregnancy, then the New Born Care services in Mumbai can come very handy since our nurses will pay special attention to the care service. New Born Babies are delicate and they need to be treated with utmost care and caution. Our nurses are specifically trained to handle the baby. The nurse will take care of tasks like healthy massage, feeding, and cleaning. Karambhumi offers baby care nurses in Kalyan which can help if anyone in your home or even you have a baby recently.


The birthing process can trouble the mother, they can take all the energy from the body of the new mother, in fact, they need very crucial treatment to cope up with the loss of energy and health because of the pregnancy. After the delivery mother and the newborn were kept in a special watch of the professional but once they get discharged from the hospital there are no professionals to assist the mother in the home. At those times newborn baby and mother care at kalyan from Karambhumi can help a lot. Our caretakers will perform all the supportive tasks which are needed for the mother after post-operative and delivery.


Karambhumi are the best when it comes to offering Aaji Care Kalyan, as we are lending out the best professionals and experts to give the elder the utmost and vital care during the old days. Every individual who are taking care of their elders on their own needs some professional to help them out because they can get busy with their day to day and office life. But if you have someone in your home looking after your elder parents or grandparent you can have stress free days without thinking too much about them. The nurse we have at our facility are well trained for jobs of helping elders with their daily chores.


Karambhumi is one of the proudest and most trustworthy service providers for the caretaker in Mumbai and most specifically in Kalyan. Our service can help every individual and family a lot when it comes to taking the challenges they face each day. From eldercare like helping them with bath, foods and medicine management. Even more, the services which we give to the new mother and their newborn baby are very satisfactory going by the reviews of our past clientele. We help the mother with the assistance of taking care of the baby and what needs to be done to get the energy back of the mother after post-operation and delivery.