Here is more information on the role of technology in efficient elder care. Karambhumi is caretaker services in Kalyan.

COVID-19 has highlighted the downsides of the current health care system for the elderly, but new technologies are changing the future of high-quality home care.

One way to reduce this gap between adults and technology is to make them more informative and understand the role of technology in the life of elders. With health wearable, health care app, and other IT services the health infrastructure is improving. Further, if you are looking for caretaker services in Kalyan then Karambhumi is the organization to connect with.


There may be no better technological use for adults right now than smartphones. More than 50% of elders between the age of 65 and 70 own a smartphone. Using the power of the internet, smartphones are helping seniors to avoid social isolation by connecting virtually with their friends and family. The device is getting used to ordering food, send a message to your doctor, get a medication notification or connect with a friend, with a device on your hand.

In addition, smartphones are now becoming more elder-friendly. Voice configuration makes it easy for the elder with arthritis to use the phone by placing voice commands easily, instead of typing. Those who are having visible disabilities can access the device with a larger screen and larger font sizes.

InternetOf (MEDICAL) Things

Internet of Things is a very simple concept: the devices can be turned on and off via an Internet connection, which allows data sharing. This applies to the medical world also, and, thus, has created the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

The more professionals in the medical world connect to each other, the more they can learn from each other. The medical world has begun using this type of information sharing to help older people with their medication schedules, vital signs, and implants to help with their health. Our nursing bureau in kalyan always keeps the elder client in touch with the technology and helps them while using the device.

GPS Device

One of the biggest challenges facing by caregivers is preventing older people from wandering and getting lost. Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia often lead to confusion and memory loss, which can lead to older people leaving their homes without their caregivers. Today's GPS devices can be planted discreetly in strategic areas so that elders can be easily found. Not every time a GPS device is needed if your nurse are well trained and effective in their work. You can hire professional nurses for your elderly from best nursing bureau in kalyan which is none other than Karambhumi.

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