People always wish to stay active and independent for life, but age takes its toll, and there often comes a point when elder citizens can no longer take proper care of their affairs, their homes, and themselves and start needing help with daily chores.

There are many care options available to the elderly and Karmabhumi Caretaker for Senior Citizens in Mumbai is the one that provides elderly care with 24/7 health care in a specialized facility to hourly companion care in the home. Below are the different types of elderly care explained to help you find the ideal solution for your aging loved one.

1. Assisted living options - Many elders and seniors decide to leave their homes and move to an assisted living facility.

  • Nursing Homes are one of the options that provide long-term senior care facilities for elder people.


  • Senior Independent living communities - also known as the basic activities of daily living on their own but wish to enjoy an active lifestyle in a community of peers.


  • Elderly home care services are custodial care that allows senior citizens to live safely and comfortably in their own homes. It associates with minor help with household chores.


  • Personal care is where professional caregivers visit the senior's house to prepare meals and help them with their care and hygiene as well as with instrumental ADLs such as making appointments, paying bills, and transportation. Depending on their requirement caregiver come a few times a week, may come every day for several hours, or stay with the senior all day long. If overnight services are in need, the caregiver arrived at the home in the evening to help the person get ready for bed and stay awake all night to assist when required. Home Attendant for Elderly in Mumbai provides personal care and will also help your elderly seniors with their daily chores.                                                                                                                                                            

Now if you ask how to choose the best elder care option then, the first thing to do is to determine the actual care needs of your senior loved one. Try to figure out what daily activities they need help with, if they require assistance with self-care or not, or if they require special healthcare that can only be provided by licensed medical caregivers. Consult a Caretaker for Elderly in Mumbai for any further personal assistance.

Once you get to know what type of care your aging relative needs, you have to consider the level of help your family can provide and decide what kind of senior care services to use. Finding a reliable caregiver is your last task, who has lots of experience in dealing with cases similar to your own and will get along with your elderly loved one. Keep in mind to get a licensed, insure, and qualified home care agency.