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As the coronavirus continues to disrupt lives in every corner of the globe, the emergence of new species seems to be on the horizon soon.

The World Health Organization has identified a new type of COVID-19 recently discovered in southern Africa as "a distinct concern."

Omicron has been confirmed to have two of the three most threatening features the Sars-CoV-2 modified can take: it is infectious and resistant to any coronavirus suspension that causes Covid-19. There is still much we can know about the omicron variation, experts are busy gathering as much information as possible.

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Several scientists see Omicron's arrival in line with the prediction that the coronavirus will eventually spread, evolving and leading to a major outbreak, as evidenced by the 2014-15 annual outbreak.

How is Omicron different from other variants?

Are there different symptoms?

There is rare evidence that the main symptoms of Omicron are nasal congestion, dry cough, and fatigue. This is from the flu and the loss of taste and aroma seen with something different. But researchers need more data to confirm any differences and explain why it exists.

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For new alternatives, the most widely used and widely used method is RT-PCR. Certain genes in the virus are detected in this way, such as Spike (S), Enveloped (E), and Nucleocapsid (N), to ensure the presence of the virus. However, in the case of Omicron, as the S gene is highly variable, some of the genes may lead to results that indicate the absence of an S gene (called the S gene dropout). This outbound S gene, along with the discovery of other viral genes, can be used as a diagnostic feature of Omicron.

Is it highly contagious, deadly?

Omicron variants are more likely to spread than the first type of coronavirus, according to the CDC. How easily the Omicron spreads compared to Delta is unknown. The CDC expects that anyone with Omicron can spread the virus to others, even if they are vaccinated or have no symptoms. Caretaker for senior citizens in mumbai takes all compulsary measures to keep their client safe.

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