Check out some great tips that can help old age people to stay safe in summer from excessive heat and heat strokes.

Summer season for some people means outdoor recreation and relaxation time. But high temperatures and strong sunlight can also pose serious health threats if proper precautions are not taken. This is especially important when it comes to the elderly.

Why does heat particularly affect more to the elderly?


  • Older people are more vulnerable to heat for a number of reasons.
  • The ability to detect changes in body temperature reduces with age
  • Many older people have some health conditions that make it difficult for them to adapt to the heat
  • Many of the medications that are essential for the elderly can contribute to dehydration if not proper care is taken.
  • Elder people lose the urge of drinking and forget to drink water

So whether you are an elderly person, a caretaker for senior citizens in mumbai, or a family member - make sure you or your loved ones have a wonderful and safe summer by following given summer tips for older people.


Protect your skin from the sun

The elderly are at greater risk of exposure to harmful UV rays, making it more important for them to protect their skin. If possible, it is recommended that you avoid sun exposure and don't step out during the afternoon, and go out only when the temperature drops a bit. Our senior citizen care services in kalyan make sure that the elderly stay indoors during the daytime in summer. Use sunscreen with at least 40 SPF to stay safe from sun damage. In addition, using an anti-chafing cream also helps in preventing redness and pain.

Drink plenty of water

Older people are more prone to dehydration than young age people because they lose the urge to drink water as they grow old. And the slow down to their thirst can lead to difficulty in adapting to rtemperature changes. Remember to drink water frequently, and whenever you are going out in summer pack some water bottles, whether it’s a long drive or just visit to the banks.

Our senior citizen care taker in Kalyan makes sure that adults drink products (which contain salt and potassium) to replace the water lost in the summer.

Wear appropriate clothing to prevent heat exhaustion

It is really important to choose your clothes carefully when it is hot outside. This seemingly small decision can make a big difference. Your clothes and accessories like umbrellas can help you avoid sunburn and heat exhaustion by staying cool.

The best clothes and accessories for summer include:

Light-colored clothing
Lightweight fabrics
Loose-fitting clothes
Hats and sunglasses

Eat healthy food and stay hydrated

In addition to increasing your fluid, many types of fruits can keep your body stay nourished and hydrated. Fruits are the best source of vitamins, minerals and increase the heat resistance of the elderly. At Karambhumi, an old age care centre in Kalyan, some fruits which we include fruits in diet plan of the elderly are Watermelon, Berries, Grapefruit, Pineapple

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