During monsoon season it is pivotal for elders to follow some preventive measures given in the list to stay away from the health concerns the rainy season brings.

As the scorching heat continues and rises throughout India, the only thing all of us want is the arrival rainy season to come soon and decrease the temperature. Monsoon season is known for bringing pleasant changes, refreshing breeze that relieves us from the fatigue of summer heat.

However, the monsoon season also comes with a number of health problems. The set of problems monsoon brings are in the form of infection and health concerns that affect the immune system. Spread of viral infection and other bacterial diseases are common during monsoon; it will cause viral fever, flu, dengue, malaria, and some other types of viral infections. Sadly, older people are more prone to these health issues as their immunity power is weak.

Our elderly care services in kalyan are compelled to be more protective for the elderly because of the ongoing pandemic. They need to be extra careful during the rainy season. So, here are a few simple tips that the elderly must follow during the monsoon season. But first, read

General Health Guide For Monsoon

Everyone wants to enjoy the rainy season to the fullest, but it is always good to know about basic precautions that should be taken to avoid illness and maintain good health. Here are few tips to follow:

During monsoon season our digestive system becomes more vulnerable to diseases, so it is advisable to take a fresh and light diet and not always have heavy meals.

In monsoon season don’t stop any exercise routines. Light exercise helps you to stay fresh and away from anxiety.

During monsoon, the most important thing is personal hygiene. Try to stay away from dirty water because it can contain water-borne disease, and keep your hands clean at all times. Use an antiseptic solution or soap to keep your hands clean and sanitized.

Ear infections, colds, common colds, and diseases such as conjunctivitis are common while, any symptoms should not be ignored. At our facility for caretaker for elderly in kalyan we do a regular screening for any such infection in elders during monsoon season.

Elderly must keep themselves hydrated regularly. In monsoon, elderly not feel too much thirsty then also it is important to keep dehydrated so that your body temperature stays high and you do not feel weak.

Include many healthy foods into your diet

Monsoon is not just the season of fresh breezes but they are also the season of infections. Older people body is more prone to common diseases related to the digestive system. The most common health issues that arise during the monsoon are waterborne diseases. Therefore, you need to extra careful and avoid getting sick. Try to increase your immune system and keep yourself from health problems. Add dried fruits in your meal as they are a major source of antioxidants. You can also add seasonal fruits and vegetables to your diet which can help you fight infections and easy digestion. At Karambhumi, caretakers for elderly in Kalyan we always change the diet plan in monsoon by adding more antioxidant fruits and veggies in the meal.

Uphold Personal Hygiene At All Cost

This COVID has somehow emphasized a lot the importance of regular hand washing to prevent infection. Everyone in the house, caregivers, and nurses taking care of elder patients as well as the elder themselves should follow the basic hygiene practices. If you have to get out of the house, make sure you have protective gears with you. Also, take bath once you return home even after drenching in rain. Since we are senior citizen care services in kalyan we always follow the COVID norms and personal hygiene while dealing with elderly care.

Use mosquito repellent in home

With water lodging here and there, monsoon is also the breeding season for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are particularly susceptible to the spread of diseases such as Malaria and Dengue. You need to take appropriate steps to protect your home from mosquitoes. Keep windows and doors closed to prevent them from entering the house or use good quality mosquito repellent. At our facility for senior citizen care taker in Kalyan we take all necessary measures to keep the mosquitoes away from the patients and other elders present there.

Avoid eating street food

We all know that during monsoon we are more tempted to eat street food. Most of the shops come up with some amazing offers that will force you to visit the store or order online. But it is advisable by old age care centre in Kalyan that street food can cause more damage to your digestion during monsoon.

Avoid outdoor activity and use proper monsoon gear

It’s in the best interest of elders to stay indoors during monsoon, but in case you have to go somewhere use proper gear such as an umbrella, raincoat, and non-slippery footwear.

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