karmabhumi cartetaker services provides comprehensive newborn baby and mother care at home and experienced caretakers for newborn baby

- Bathing and Regular Massaging of the baby

- Cleaning and Sterilizing the baby's utensils

- Ensuring the daily required feeds and helping the baby to burp after every feed

- Properly cleaning sensitive parts after nappy change

- Putting the baby to bed

- Proper Care during illness

- Experience caretaker for newborn baby



Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Caretaker” vs “Caregiver” I think that "caretaker" is more appropriate for someone who takes care of things or inanimate property; whereas "caregiver" would be someone who takes care of a person. I'm just amused at how the opposite roots of "give" and "take" are used to mean the same thing.

  • : a person who takes care of buildings or land while the owner is not there. chiefly US : a person who gives physical or emotional care to someone (such as a child, an old person, or someone who is sick)

  • Elderly caretakers help older individuals who need assistance. They can help their patients get dressed, eat, bathe and complete light housekeeping duties, such as dishes or folding laundry. Caretakers plan, prepare and monitor meals.