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About Karmabhumi

Karmabhumi is one of the best agency that provides caretaker services and has its operations in Mumbai, and nearby cities in Maharashtra. We have lots of experience in helping patients, families, and old age people. Whether you avail our services for the short term or long term, we assure great quality work and overall satisfaction.

Either you stay at our nursing bureau in kalyan or you need the caretaker services, we have only professional nurses and attendants who are going to take care of patients or any individual. Our caregivers know how to take care of the patient and old age people. With vast training and real-time experience in handling patients in clinics as well as at home, we serve the best professionals one can think of. Connect with us, if you need manpower that includes nurses for the hospital, home caretaker, elder caretaker, or patient attendant. At the facility of Karmabhumi all staff are elected after proper training, verification, and qualification. Experience is something that counts in caretaker services, and we emphasize on having the best support staff for our clients. Some of the major services which you can hire us for.

Caretaker Services

Most of the individuals who are office going but at the same time have to take care of someone in-home, but due to tight schedule are unable to do so. Then our caretaker services in Kalyan will be of a lot of help. Our caretaker's services can be availed by new mothers, patients, elders, or people who are facing medical conditions.

Patient Care Services

Patients can only recover post-medical treatment if they were well cared for. Our patient care services in kalyan come with a patient attendant who are well qualified and supports the individual post-surgery and helps them in speedy recovery. The attendant will take care of the patient round the clock and help them with all kinds of needs such as bathing, cleaning, feeding if the movement is restricted to the patient because of some medical condition. Further, they will look for the medication of the patient so that they can take medicine on time.

Elder Care Services

It is common in old age that people tend to require support to do their day to day chores. Old age people can not live alone and do the work on their own, hence taking elderly care services in kalyan is the option one can avail. Karmabhumi provides nurses and elder care attendants who are compassionate and understand the requirements of old age people. They will look after your old parents or grandparent 24/7 and you can focus completely on your work without having worries about old age people living in the home. Our skilled nursing facility provides regular checkups, inspections of nurse and their work.

Objective of Karmabhumi

Our objective is to help everyone who are in need, we support patient, assist elder people, and help regular people to continue with their work without worrying about their loved ones, as we are available to take care for them. The facility can be offered at home or you can get the same caretaker facility in the nursing bureau. We are the most trusted organization when it comes to home care and healthcare services. With trained caregivers and experienced staff; you will have the best team to aid the patient and elderly.

Key People Behind the Karmabhumi